Kid's Camps

Global Expeditions, Inc. specializes in high quality experiences for its guests and wants to provide families with an exceptional vacation opportunity. Global can provide activity packages while on location in our camp that enchant and educate, inspire and amaze.

Sample Programs for kids and families    

Guests and their children will be met by our Global Kids Specialist (GKS) shortly upon arrival in camp. Our GKS will welcome kids and parents to the Tent Camp and our private property surroundings. After initial introductions, our GKS will take your kids for a tour of the Tent Camp and immediate surroundings, giving parents a chance to settle in and relax. 

The GKS will give your child(ren) a brief overview of the property, including the history, geography, amenities, activities, and boundaries. Upon their return, each child will be ready to share his or her newfound knowledge with you.    

Campfire activities - Can be interactive and vary each night. Activities include: wilderness fire building, fire and forest dynamics, storytelling, cowboy poetry, music making, singing, skits, roasting marshmallows (for smores), popping corn, making gorp, and more.

Arts and crafts – Kids can learn to make plaster casts of the animal tracks we encounter, build wooden plant presses to preserve interesting flowers and leaves, and create bug boxes to collect exciting insect inhabitants of the wilderness around us. The tools we use and make will help cement the memory of this adventure in your child's mind for years to come. 

Nature walks - Fauna focused: Kids will discover one of our country’s greatest natural resources: wildlife. They can learn how to identify a variety of animals and their habitats, recognize certain animal behaviors, and get an introduction to wildlife ecology. They can learn about the different tracks and scats each animal leaves, and have the opportunity to make plaster casts of any tracks they may find. Flora focused: Kids learn about the variety of beautiful plants, leaves, and flowers, and can put them into their wooden plant presses.  

Fly or spin fishing lessons - Here the kids can learn about fly or spin fishing, the area’s variety of fish species, lake and stream ecology, and backcountry fisherman’s etiquette. 

Horseback riding – Children will have the opportunity to learn the basics about horses, and have an introductory riding lesson. They will learn how to identify the parts of a horse, horse behavior, different breeds, caring for a horse, horse safety rules, and horsemanship.

Mountain biking - This activity includes information on biking safety and skills, bicycle hiking, bicycle games, and exploring the area by bike. There will be opportunities for wildlife viewing, photo stops, and plant collecting to add to their books. 

Painting with watercolors - Each child will be given a starter paint set to learn about different brush strokes, effects, and painting techniques. They will have the opportunity to try their hand at painting still life as well as outdoor scenes.  

Rock climbing and bouldering, or working on a ropes course - This includes instruction on safety, appropriate areas to climb, geology, gear, and techniques. Kids will be instructed on knot tying and safely climbing on and around rocks in the area. This is a great day for building self-esteem and confidence!

Science-based projects – These will be hands on and experiential. Kids will create science experiments and projects, intended to compliment what they have learned thus far about the natural world around them. 

Campfire cooking - Cast iron pots can produce anything from stews to lasagna or biscuits to cakes. Kids can use these versatile tools to plan a last night’s surprise treat for their families at campfire. 

Basics of backcountry etiquette and wilderness safety skills - Kids can learn what to do if they get lost, how to find water and food in the wild, and how to build a simple shelter to keep warm. 

Other activities can be incorporated depending upon the time of year and ages of the children. Crafts may be limited to those easily taken home in existing luggage.

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