Location Scouting

Global Expeditions, Inc. maintains an ongoing program of searching for new and unique film and photo locations. This information is compiled by Global’s Research and Exploration Division and goes hand and hand with our main business of providing remote location Luxury Tented Camps for our guests. A location and photo file is then prepared for each property showing the major attractions or scenic aspects of that specific location. Global’s private collection of fine Western properties provides our adventure and film & photo clients with a dossier of any location prior to visiting it. It has become a useful tool in providing our clients with the right location to fit their specific needs.

These locations are categorized by size of property, access capabilities, unique buildings, fences or structures, type of scenery, type of terrain, livestock or livestock facilities, and indigenous wildlife. The property files database contains all information needed to contact the owner or person responsible for the property and the current land use fees and contracts. 

Global has established and maintained working relationships with private land owners, as well as local, state, and federal land management agencies in over 11 Western states. We have in many cases obtained permits to work on local and state lands and have limited contacts with the different Tribal Governments. 

Global has personnel available to assist with any aspect of your film or photo production. We are in the business of providing remote location support. Contact us to make arrangements and provide a location scout for your onsite property inspection.

What makes Global Expeditions, Inc. unique is our already extensive use of these remote locations for our existing Luxury Tented Camps. Our experience with scouting and locating one-of-a-kind properties with the perfect blend of scenery, wildlife, and remote regional flavor is a key selling point to our Luxury Camping customers. 

Our staff has developed extensive local expertise, and we are ready to operate with many of the logistics already in place allowing us the ability to operate unencumbered in many remote regions of the American West. Our staff is accustomed to providing services, location management, and navigating their way through different modes of travel including whitewater rafts, climbing, horseback, or off-road vehicle operations.

Global Expeditions, Inc. has developed a reputation as a full service company when it comes to film and photo production work. We simply are able to locate and logistically service locations that are beyond the capabilities of other production companies. This experience provides our clients with a great deal of flexibility.

Although some of our clients can’t afford scouts with helicopters, Global has spent extensive hours of first class scouting in over half the eleven Western states via helicopters. Our logs and files help us to find and locate those absolutely stunning and remote locations, which few have ever visited. With such vast open areas in the West, the helicopter was and still is a major scouting tool for Global. Because helicopter time is expensive, our past flight time and documentation is a useful resource to help you stay on budget. We can provide vehicles and drivers, as well as topographical maps and the experience to read, understand, and teach their meaning to others as we travel to your desired location.

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