Global Expeditions, Inc. has a proven history and maintains good relations with the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Forest Service, Local and State land management agencies in most of the eleven Western states, as well as Native American Tribal Governments. While we continue to maintain and update our contacts with these organizations, we still are dedicated to obtaining permits in the minimum amount of time possible. This can allow for greater flexibility in scheduling by the client, but even Global, when working on government lands, must work within the minimum time requirements established and set forth by the land management agency. Permitting by the federal land management agencies is becoming more restrictive all the time; therefore the ability to find alternative locations on private property, state lands, and Native American Reservations is usually our solution to the time crunch.

Relatively few permits are required when filming on private property. Global’s close relationships with many of the major ranchers in the West is very essential for timely permitting. Last minute arrangements often can be made that would be impossible on government land. Vehicle restrictions, use of pyrotechnics, and set construction requirements are all more easily handled when dealing with private landowners.

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