The American West, with its diverse array of terrain and waterways, requires a wide range of transportation modes.  Small airports, helicopters, 4-wheel drive vehicles, jet boats, and even horseback services are available in many areas we operate in. Our knowledge of the area allows us to recommend the most appropriate means of transportation to your location site.

Global has been a client of many transportation suppliers in the West from major commercial airlines to one-man operations and is able to recommend a safe and reliable service provider. If desired, we can make all arrangements with these suppliers knowing that it may be crucial to your production.


Global Expeditions, Inc. has traveled to the ends of the Earth to find unique settings to host your next vacation or event. The journey to the ends of the earth is always an exciting part of any adventure. We have found that even within the United States, the American West can be as remote as many places we have traveled in Africa or the Arctic.

We specialize in taking care of all of our clients needs regarding travel plans, itineraries, permits, or any other logistical obstacles required for travel.

We can customize a solution for you!


Communications are a basic ingredient to efficiency. Out West, where the distances are extensive and the population light, communications are even more important. Telephones, satellite and cell phones, radio, and messenger services must all be considered. Global can provide telephones and radios that permit communications from almost anywhere and we will instruct your personnel in their use.

Communications also can mean deliveries of needed equipment and supplies. Our drivers are experienced operating vehicles over the rugged or 4-wheel drive terrain that often is encountered while shooting in unique locations. Armed with communications, they become essential in relaying key messages necessary to the success of your production.

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