Film and Photo Productions

Global Expeditions, Inc. provides a full range of services to the motion picture, television, and advertising industries. We specialize in extreme and remote location productions.

Major film and television experience includes: City Slickers II, a Castle Rock Picture; Godzilla, a Sony Entertainment Picture; Ghost Riders in the Sky, 20th Century Fox; Diet Coke Commercial, for Propaganda Films; Survival of the Fittest, a Mike Hover Production; Conquer the Arctic, a TWI Production; and To the Ends of the Earth, for USA Network.

Advertising shoot clients include: Jeep Cherokee; Kelty Outdoor Equipment; Chevrolet Bob Sieger Truck Commercial; Land Rover Discovery, for Grace & Rothschild USA; and Oolong Tea, of Hong Kong.

Our Risk Recreation Consulting Division and our Research and Exploration Division are always available to provide any needed support for your production. Give us a call and you will see why we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the most remote places on the earth.

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