Discovery Camps

Dis-cov-er-y (di skuv'er e) adj. 1. to obtain sight or knowledge of something previously unknown 2. to bring into fuller knowledge, to explore a county, district, or country side 3. the finding of something exceptional and beautiful

Discovery camps are the next step above our Rustic camps.  Each white canvas tent has a floor covering the natural terrain. Soft carpeting, warm wool blankets, and thoughtful amenities make this level of comfort a favorite with larger groups. Each tent accommodates 2 guests and includes the following:

  • 2 guests per tent
  • 1 cot per guest
  • 1 Discovery Sleeping Kit per guest (sleeping bag, camp pillow, blanket)
  • Discovery Dining Menu
  • Discovery Bar (includes beer, wines, and limited cocktails)
  • Discovery Dining Set (tables, chairs, linens, and selected table settings)
  • Discovery flatware and china
  • 1 Discovery Amenities Kit per guest
  • 1 Bottled water per guest
  • 1 table per tent with 2 battery operated lamps per table
  • 1 propane lantern per tent
  • 1 chair per guest in tent
  • 1 bath towel per guest
  • Tent floor
  • Tent carpets
  • Discovery Toilet Facility
  • Campfire in fire pan (where permitted)

Discovery meal service is family or buffet style.

* Global Expeditions, Inc. operates mobile one of a kind luxury camps almost anywhere in the world. All camp locations are customized based on your needs. Additional land use fees apply.

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