Water Activities

Kayaking Kayaking

Kayaking lets you get up close and personal with the river in a safe and enjoyable way. Learn how to read and navigate the waterways and choose your own path. The pace is up to you and the river.

Spend time leisurely paddling along the shores looking for wildlife, or challenge yourself through the riffles. Paddle back up an eddy and try your favorite riffle again! This is an exciting way to spend a half or full day on the river while getting exercise and viewing wildlife.

Download recommended clothing/equipment list PDF here.

Rafting River Rafting

River rafting adventures can be as sedate and relaxing as they can be wild and exhilarating. Choose your level and plan on viewing some of the West’s most spectacular scenery. Learn about the history, geology, flora, and fauna unique to our location.

Sit back and relax during a lazy float accompanied by a champagne lunch, or dig right in and participate with a paddle and splash through the rapids. Either way, you are sure to return with memories and stories to cherish for years to come. Half day, full day, or multi-day adventures available.

Download recommended clothing/equipment list PDF here.

Jet Boating Jet Boating

Explore the rivers and canyons of the American West by Jet Boating the waterways. You could be along the Hells Canyon area of the Snake River in Idaho or the mighty Colorado in the Canyonlands of the Southwest. No matter where you are you will not disappointed. Jet boating is limited to our camp locations, but is a delightful way to see remote sections of the west that you can’t otherwise access by any other means.

You will see soaring canyon walls, towering cliffs of a thousand hues and the quiet majesty of these great rivers unfold as you take in its scenery. So many explorers used these waterways for many years to hunt, fish, live and travel from one destination to the next.  Join us for this exciting look into the very waterways that helped shape the west.

Download recommended clothing/equipment list PDF here.

Fishing Fishing

Whether you are a seasoned fly-fisherman or more interested in dropping your spin rod into a calm lake, we have the fishing trip for you. Both wade and float trips are offered as well of some of the West’s best kept secret fishing holes.

Guides are knowledgeable in what types of flies the fish are biting on moment to moment and what species may be found in what rivers or lakes. Full or half day outings are available from our locations.

Download recommended clothing/equipment list PDF here.

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