Scenic Activities

Horseback Riding Horseback Riding

Saddle-up! Our professional wranglers will lead you through an all Western day of trail riding and exploring. We bring together a world of knowledge about the old west and the lore that surrounds the local trails, hills, deserts, arroyos, and mountains that make up our little part of the basin and range.

Let the cowboys take you through their part of the country side in one of the oldest forms of transportation know to man. They will introduce you to your seasoned quarter horses and help you adjust your tack. Once you hit the dusty trail, you will experience a part of the West that has become a fleeting trade and tradition for many that followed before you. Only a feisty few adventurers these days venture in to the wilderness trails of the American West on horseback. Come see what all the fuss is about and join us for a bowlegged day in the saddle!

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Nature Hiking Nature Hiking

Global Expeditions, Inc. has hiking activities for all levels. Many of our properties offer enjoyable hikes right from your camp. Hiking opportunities range from basic walking to steep, mountainous climbs through wonderful scenery.

Your goal may be a leisurely mile or two, searching for wildlife, looking for your favorite bird and wildflowers, or testing your limits to really get a work out. Either way, Global can tailor hikes to your needs and priorities.

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National Park Tours National Park Tours

Enjoy the very best of our National Parks with noted biologists, naturalists, and experts in history, geology, wildlife, and more. Global offers a behind the scenes look at nature’s most amazing places.

Learn what these national treasures offer, as well as what they may need from us to protect and preserve their fragile ecosystems and beauty for generations to come. Enjoy the vast wilderness and unspoiled nature that is right here in America’s own backyard.

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Heli and Flight See Helicopter and Flight Sees

Soar over amazing landscapes in comfort for a true bird’s eye view of the area. Everyone has a window seat and voice-activated headphones allow easy conversation between passengers and pilots.

Taken at the beginning of your journey, this is your chance to see the lay of the land and learn more about the geology and dynamics of the wondrous area you are about to live in and explore.

Taken at the end of your trip, it is a way to bid a fond farewell to the land that has been your home for a short moment in time. Put your trip in perspective as you take in the grandeur of the vast American West from the air. You will understand why so many leave the area in awe of what has yet to be explored...

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Wildlife Viewing Wildlife Viewing

Our professional naturalists offer seasoned knowledge on the very best spots to view local wildlife. Depending upon location, many of the large animals you may be able to see include: mule deer, elk, American bison, big horn sheep, moose, bear, wolves, and coyote. Along the rivers we may glimpse beaver, otter, bald eagles, and osprey.

Each sighting is an exciting opportunity for capturing spectacular photos or to learn more about the habitat and habits of your favorite animal. Some properties contain prime migratory avenues where an abundance of animals may be observed in one day.

Download recommended clothing/equipment list PDF here.

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