Global Expeditions, Inc. offers guest activities and recreational packages for those guests looking to do something more. Activities include–but are not limited to–wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, peak ascents, mountain biking, kayaking, river rafting, nature and National Park tours, jeeping, and helicopter sightseeing. Recreational packages combine several activities into a package deal for one or more guests that are usually tailored to the area we are camping in.

Keep in mind that not all activities will be available at all locations. Seasons, remoteness, and time constraints will determine what is available in each camp. Regional activities are readily available and allow the best experiences.

Our activities cover all skill and fitness levels, from those who just want to take it easy to extremely active experts. Use the following guidelines to select a level of activity that’s best for you or your group:

1 ~ Easy

Adventure travel at the most relaxed pace. 1-2 hours of daily activity (walking 1-2 miles; cycling 5-10 miles)

2 ~ Moderate

For outdoor novices and above. 3-4 hours of daily activity (hiking 4-10 miles; cycling 20-35 miles)

3 ~ Intermediate

Prior experience recommended.  5-7 hours of daily activity (hiking 5-12 miles on varied terrain; cycling 35+ miles)

4 ~ Vigorous

Prior experience required. Some activities may require a physician’s release. 6-7+ hours of daily activity (hiking and/or cycling on steep, hilly terrain at higher altitudes)

5 ~ Expert

Proof of prior experience and a physician’s release required. (Full day of strenuous hiking and/or cycling on very difficult terrain)

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