Trevor Hildebrand

Trevor HildebrandTrevor Hildebrand spent his youthful summers in the mountains, on the beaches, and exploring the US, parts of Canada, and Central America even though he grew up in the Mid-West.  "The youthful trips with my family are what have inspired me to travel, and will continue to do so throughout my life."  Trips include 4-6 week car camping trips exploring the East and West Coast with his brother, sister, mother and father. Each trip was designed to car camp, with no room for extra clothes or amenities, throughout the entire journey!  "My parents and grandparents taught me the value of nature, and what the great outdoors has to offer."

These traveling experiences drove Trevor to leave home directly after high school and head to Bozeman, Montana where he attended College for 5 years before graduating with a B.A.  His degree is in the Spanish Language with an emphasis in Business, including a Business Administration and International Business minor.  Most students can pass through College in 4 years, but outdoor activities were a definite factor in the additional year of schooling.  Time out on the rivers fishing, in the mountains skiing and snowboarding, and days spent in blizzards duck hunting were all contributors.  He even managed to study abroad for 2 semesters: one in New Zealand studying at the University of Canterbury and another semester at three different universities in Guanajuato, Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Sevilla, Spain.  Each country presented new ideas, friends, and cultural awareness.

After completing school and finishing a business internship, it was time to head for the mountains to look for outdoor work.  Trevor soon found a place teaching skiing and snowboarding, primarily for students with disabilities, in Telluride, CO.  Not only did he find a field of work that was interesting, and constantly changing, but he also met his girlfriend, Diana.  At the end of the season, with prices being high in ski towns and lures of other areas and activities existed, Diana and Trevor moved on to Bend, OR and soon thereafter to Bishop, California.  Working in Mammoth, both Diana and Trevor worked for Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra teaching skiing and snowboarding to those with disabilities, and puting together the volunteer training programs.

After a reoccurring injury, he had to settle for a job at a bank, crunching numbers and dealing with cash - Every Persons Dream! It was at this point, while sitting inside, looking out the window at a sage covered hill and barren grey mountains that he decided it was too much, and it was time to return to somewhere more green and lush.  After some careful consideration, and exploring several options, Trevor was brought into the Global Family.  The return to Montana seeing big green mountains, fluffy snow, water, and a constant array of animals brings a smile to his face.

Trevor continues to embrace nature's elements and offerings on a personal level, and also as a volunteer in the community.

You can contact Trevor at:

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