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Philip Atkins Philip Atkins first developed his interest in running outdoor recreational activities for people as a Guest Recreation Director with Yosemite Park and Curry Company in Yosemite National Park, California. From 1978-86, he helped run many of the activities in the park including: river rafting, biking, downhill skiing, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, and ice skating. He was instrumental in developing biking trails, rafting operations and a river communications network throughout the park. Philip was a member of the local Search and Rescue team for climbing and river related incidents. He also served as a company liaison between YP&C Co. and the National Park Service for swift water rescues inside and outside of Yosemite National Park.

From 1984-88, Philip was the Nordic Ski Director for the Bohart/Crosscut Ranch near Bozeman, Montana, where he served as a nordic and alpine guide in and around the Bridger Mountain Range. Phil was one of the program designers and ski director of the “Winter Survival and Nordic Ski Class PE-261” for Montana State University and was an instructor for Winter Survival courses for the United States Navy and Air Force Special Warfare Group. Additionally, he was trained by the United States Forest Service Blasting Certification program for avalanche control and was an avalanche and cold weather specialist for the Bohart/Crosscut ski area.

Philip went on to become an instructor/guide for Colorado Outward Bound School’s Multi-Environment Program. This elite group of specialized guides work in any environment–winter, river, canyons, deserts, mountains and rock–delivering safe, high-quality recreation to their guests. Philip quickly became one of the senior staff and would spend about 280 days a year in the field. He also became a corporate and VIP specialist, working with corporate executives, VIP’s and government officials from several foreign countries to deliver safe, remote trips in extreme locations. He later co-wrote staff technical manuals and standard operating procedures and served as a member of Outward Bound’s Safety Review Team.

Philip was building a good reputation for Global and he began work in the film industry as a safety and reconnaissance consultant for “Conquer the Arctic”, filmed in Finland, Sweden and Norway. He worked on projects including, “The Ultimate Challenge” and “Survival of the Fittest”, a made-for-television special that appeared on ESPN in both Europe and the US.

In 1993, Philip joined International Management Group (IMG) through its subsidiary, Trans-World International (TWI), with whom he worked throughout Eastern Africa as part of a two-man advance team scouting mountain gorillas and the elusive African Leopard for the made-for-television special, “The Ends Of The Earth”, which appeared on the USA Network in 1994.

Through Global Expeditions, Inc. Philip has helped produce dozens of film and photo shoots; provided scouting and location services for feature films such as City Slickers II, Geronimo, Pontiac Moon, and consumer product companies such as Oolong Tea, Qantas, Coca-Cola, Jeep, Johnny Walker, Taco Bell and General Mills for their Wheaties brand.

Global Expeditions, Inc. was awarded a consulting contract with The Walt Disney Company to develop the Disney Hyperion Northwest Train Project. The concept of the train came out of the Buena Vista New Business Office under Vice President of New Business, Ellen Guidera. CEO Michael Eisner specifically requested that the New Business Office develop a sample North West route for their Hyperion Train concept. This adventure travel concept was based on guests traveling by train during the day with separate land-based lodging during the night. Philip’s responsibilities included reconnaissance, venue layouts and itineraries, on and off train activities, as well as budget forecasting. Additional spin-off projects included development of time-share adventure travel properties for Disney on the East and West coasts of the United States.

Philip was contracted in 1998 by Abercrombie & Kent International Inc. to develop core products and stabilize new business throughout North America. Abercrombie & Kent at the time was considered the largest, most exclusive, and perhaps the most admired travel company in the world.

Philip developed a business plan and identified key businesses to purchase to create a foundation for A&K in the North American travel theater. Philip then was hired initially as Executive Vice President and later as President of Abercrombie & Kent North America. During his tenure, he acquired two companies for A&K and started several others in strategic locations and developed many other A&K programs throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Hawaiian Islands.

Philip played a key role in the development of A&K's Active brand worldwide and its safety programs. In addition to building A&K’s North American business, Philip personally created and implemented vacations for some of A&K's most elite clientele. His business connections and diverse network on a global scale enables him to secure the best in accommodations, planes, trains, yachts, and unique ground movement for his clients. His professional demeanor and charisma as an articulate guide and his impeccable attention to detail in the service background make him an outstanding personal trip leader anywhere in the world. Combined with knowledge of some of the more remote places on the globe, Philip has a keen ability to operate first class vacations anywhere on the planet and he consistently is able to produce adventure products unparalleled anywhere in the industry.

In 2003, Global returned to it’s roots and is now focusing on Corporate Programming, as well as our signature Luxury Camping Adventures located in some of the most spectacular and pristine backcountry areas of the American West. Philip is still creating adventure, whether it is leasing a 20,000-acre ranch for a family reunion camp, or film shoot, or developing once in a lifetime adventures for corporations and individuals alike. Activities we have designed taught and operated are as varied as a wild imagination: Climbing, rappelling, rafting, kayaking, off-road jeeping and motorcycling, ziplining, orienteering, geo-caching, archery, skeet shooting, tracking and calling, snowshoeing, skiing, avalanche awareness….you dream it, we make it happen!

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